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Trend Forecasting

Our affordable, accurate and relevant trend direction is a powerful tool to help you stay on top of ever-changing trends and the current Los Angeles fashion industry news. We cover the San Pedro and Los Angeles wholesale marts and interpret our findings, allowing you to bring the most profitable merchandise to your retail floor.

Our Trend Forecasting Includes:

  • Weekly Reports
    Weekly Updates include photos and anticipated vendors of top-selling apparel trends available from the San Pedro Wholesale Mart.
  • Weekly Hotlist
    Our list of key items and projected best sellers from Los Angeles vendors serves as a handy guide and quick reference during your pre-season planning and at-once buying.
  • Seasonal Reports
    These quarterly reports detail the hottest styles available to you from the San Pedro Wholesale Mart, as well as color projections, silhouettes and fabric direction for the upcoming season.
  • Our Blog
    Filled with emerging fashion industry and style news from Los Angeles and beyond, we explore both wholesale, retail, and street style topics and trends.
  • Specialized Reports
    We offer unique reports tailored to your market needs. Please contact us for more information.

*All reports are available by subscription or come free with our personalized buying service.