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How We Work and How We Can Help You:

We shop the Los Angeles wholesale marts regularly, including the California Market Center, the New Mart, the Cooper Building, the Gerry Building, and most thoroughly, the San Pedro Wholesale Mart. We scout them for new vendors, styles and trends, and make individualized purchases for our clients. We then put together detailed reports on the information and pass it on to you via our Weekly Updates and Hotlists. If you have a specific need- such as finding a particular style or line of wholesale clothing- we can track it down and research it or purchase it for your store. We also travel occasionally and do extensive reporting from other cities for apparel trade shows and retail research. When you can’t travel as often as you’d like or need to for buy trips, we can act as your purchasing agents!

Do We Buy the Same Items for All of Our Clients and Do We Mark Up the Items?

No! We buy based on each client’s specific needs, and we never group our clients into one big purchase like some other buying services. We pride ourselves on the fact that we personalize our scouting and buying to each customer’s needs. We never mark up what we buy for you. In fact, we can often negotiate better prices than you would get as a walk-in customer because of our outstanding long-term relationships with so many vendors.

Do We Cover Trade Shows?

Yes! We attend and report on ASR, Agenda and Los Angeles Market Weeks, as well as Magic and all its affiliated trade shows in Las Vegas every February and August. We have found many of our best lines at these shows. If you plan to attend these shows, we can help you plan and navigate your trip. If you can’t make it to the shows, we can represent and buy for your store, too.

Can We Help You Plan Your LA Buy Trip?

Yes! Whether you are coming to town for a day or a week, we can help you with everything from scheduling appointments with vendors and introducing you to and helping you navigate the assorted wholesale marts. We can also book your hotel reservations and provide you with a list of “must see” retailers in the area. We want you to have the most productive and efficient buy trip possible! We charge a flat-rate fee of $250 per day for this service, and we’ve been told it’s a life-saver for store owners who are unfamiliar with the Los Angeles Fashion District.

How Do We Charge for Our Services?

Based on your store’s individual needs and your budget, we can customize a plan that will benefit your store. We charge a flat-rate day fee of $250 for an initial introduction to the wholesale marts. Whether we chaperone you on your buy trip or scout and buy based on a prior discussion, we come up with the best way for your business to build profits while easing your responsibilities. After that, we invoice based on a commission rate of purchases we make on your behalf, or charge a flat monthly retainer fee for more extensive services. You can choose to receive our Weekly Updates, Hotlists and Seasonal Reports for only $75 per month *(subscribe here) They come free when you use our buying service on a monthly retainer, and they are a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends and vendors.

How Do We Send Our Reports?

We email reports in PDF format, which we send each Friday by 12 noon (PST). Upon request, we can also send printouts of reports in the mail. Updates will not be sent during busy market weeks or when we are traveling. Seasonal Reports are sent quarterly in place of Weekly Updates.

What Categories Do We Cover?

We specialize in Junior and Young Contemporary apparel and accessories, but we are also knowledgeable and have resources in Missy, Plus-Size and Men’s categories.

Can We Help With Product Development?

Yes! Whether you are a manufacturer who needs help with new designs, or a retailer who wants to start a private label line, we can help you research and source ideas for new styles, fabric and tags. We can even shop retail and purchase designer samples to refer to for inspiration. Ask us for more details!

Can We Work With International Stores?

Yes! We have vendors ship goods directly to your store. Nearly all wholesale companies are able to ship merchandise abroad in a timely manner.

How Does FSLA Pay for My Merchandise and How is it Shipped?

After receiving an authorization form, we use your credit card to pay for goods. If your quantity is high enough, vendors might be willing to ship and invoice based on terms or COD. Wholesalers ship goods to your store or warehouse. Freight fees can be added to the invoice or charged to your UPS account.