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New Schoolgirl

2024 February 9
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Explore a bold fusion of coquettish charm and Vivienne Westwood’s punk influence in the New Schoolgirl fashion. From daring crop tops to rebellious plaid minis, these provocative uniforms are redefined with a touch of sensuality and sophistication, reshaping the boundaries of conventional scholastic style.

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Patches & Patchwork

2024 January 15
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Elevate your fashion game with patchwork details! Combine different fabrics and textures to create unique and eye-catching designs. Patches add a touch of creativity and personality to garments, giving them a distinct and stylish flair.

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2023 December 19
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Bows are a current darling of fashion styling. From oversized statements on dresses and sweaters to subtle accents on shoes and accessories, the trend infuses charm and sophistication into everyday style, offering a playful yet chic touch to any outfit.

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Masculine / Feminine

2023 December 12
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We love a great contrast, and this trend has us swooning. Dive into the bold world of masculine-feminine styling. Discover how this trend embraces fluidity, effortlessly blending multiple elements of traditionally gendered looks for a versatile and chic approach to fashion.

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2023 November 28
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Embrace the elegance of lace details this holiday season! Elevate your party look with delicate and sophisticated touches that add timeless charm. From subtle accents to intricate overlays, there are myriad ways to capture the beauty of lace on a garment.

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2023 November 17
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Consumers are embracing asymmetrical looks in all sorts of styles this season. Clothing and accessories with uneven and off-center designs bring a fresh twist to traditional styles. From hemlines and waistbands to one-shoulder tops, these asymmetrical ideas work for those seeking edgy and avant-garde fashion choices.

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2023 November 3
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For fall/ winter, designers embraced a new hoodie craze by adding a practical headpiece to styles ranging from the simple to the ornate. This trend combines comfort and style by offering versatile and cozy options for all occasions.

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Metal & Chrome

2023 October 25
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Hi-shine finishes from subtle glimmer to bold metallics add modern glam to all types of styles, be they body con dresses, tiny tops, or oversized pants. These reflective touches bring a unique and stylish edge to any creation, setting brands and their consumers apart from the un-shiny crowd.

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2023 September 1
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Workwear, in all its rugged charm, is holding strong as a key category for F/W. The durable utilitarian clothing is both stylish and functional. From sturdy denim boiler suits to pocket-heavy vests, we love seeing a range of options that work for myriad body types and genders. Tap into the trend to provide fashion that’s current and timeless at once.

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Athletics Scholarship

2023 August 24
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This sporty-casual trend combines the comfort of workout gear with retro-modern silhouettes and patterns that work for everyday activities. Soccer and rugby jerseys, tracksuits, and letterman jackets are key components, while striped henleys, pleated skirts, and argyle prints round out the idea.

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