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50 Shades of Grey

2015 February 11

Grey is the new black! While grey has always been a lovely, neutral color, it is now being called “the color of the decade” by The Guardian. Grey is not only receiving hordes of attention from the fashion industry, but is also the chicest hue in interior design, automobiles, and technology (hello, Mac books!) Grey is practical and effortlessly stylish, yet has a modern vibe that gets us excited about wearing this fresh basic tone. Grey allows the details on a garment to show better than on black and also gives an equally striking contrast when paired with other colors. In the following photos, some of our favorites from last season’s runways, you can see how designers played with texture on grey- from bold prints to delicate lace- proving that grey is worthy of being called the color of the decade. FSLA can help you find the perfect shades of grey from the San Pedro Mart!

All pictures courtesy of
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Ralph Lauren



Francesco Scongnamiglio


Ralph Lauren

Christopher Kane

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