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Chained Waist

2020 January 17

Chain belts are having a notable comeback after being popularized in the 90s by Chanel, when top models strutted the catwalk with gold multi chains hanging from their hips. This time around there are innumerable varieties of chain belts like rhinestone-bedazzled and coin-embellished to 70’s-inspired versions, slinky snake-like styles, and even simple wrap chains with dangling charms. It’s the newest accessory to glam up high-waist jeans, a fitted dress, or to elevate any look to the next level. Here are some of the best chain belts we’ve seen on modern runways.

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Puffer Zone

2019 December 31

It’s the season when blizzards and thunderstorms are upon us, and fashion’s best solution to this weather is the puffer jacket. Even for climates not inundated by sleet and snow, this classic cushioned jacket still has a welcome place. What used to be a mostly practical garment for keeping warm and protecting from the wet has now become a stylish new must-have. This year there are puffers for everyone. From cropped to color blocked, and printed to head-to-toe pvc, there are no limits to the designs involved in creating these perfect puffers. Choose your favorite from our top runway picks.

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The Holiday Sparkle

2019 December 19

This year’s holiday fashion motto should be something like “more is more.” From shimmering lamé to sparkly sequins and rhinestone embroidery, decadent details are what this season is all about. The idea was presented on runways in nearly every shape imaginable: puff sleeved mini dresses, high-rise flared bottoms, jacket & pantsuits; the goal is to shine in an array of ways, no matter what. Find your inspiration from the runway below- and happy holiday sparkle to you and yours!

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Mock Croc

2019 December 10

Crocodile continues to be a luxury fashion favorite for handbags and shoes, but with the emergence of new styles in artificial fabrications, along with an increasing awareness of animal rights, the idea is no longer just for the accessory world. Designers such as Versace, Tods, Max Mara and Tibi showed their versions of mock croc garments during Fall/Winter ’19 runway shows to an esteemed reception. The embossed, textured material made to look like crocodile leather is an eye catcher and adds a lavish and exotic touch to every look. From a faux trench to a basic mock croc skirt, there is something for everyone, whether a head-to-toe croc effect or just a touch of the trend is desired. See a variety of mock croc styles for inspiration below.

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Big Belts

2019 November 5

Oversized and statement-making belts have made a comeback this season. These extra wide waist-cinchers can accentuate the torso, add length to legs, and bring a general freshness to skirt and dress silhouettes of all lengths. Worn over a trench the idea looks feminine and modern. Here are some of our favorite runway inspirations.

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Winter Is Coming

2019 October 8

It’s time to start bundling up and piling on the layers, because baby, it’s cold outside!
Winter is the ideal season to express creativity and play with both proportion and monochromatic color palettes since it’s the time of year one can be completely covered up. 2019-2020 catwalks bring encouragement in the way of color blocking, chunky outerwear, and contrasting hemlines. Pick any of these featured shows for inspiration to build your own ideas from- there are plenty to choose from!

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Fall Colors

2019 October 1

This season, fall back into the classic, cozy colors of autumn by choosing something
inspired by the gorgeous retro looks in hues of nature from runways: Rust, brown,
khaki, and burgundy tones were featured in wool, leather and cashmere styles such
as midi skirts, coats, and jumpsuits. The idea is perfect for adding warmth to the
crisp, cool air.

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Oh How Retro

2019 September 16

If you’ve ever hesitated to get rid of something cute but no longer stylish while
thinking “It will be in fashion again,” generally the sentiment is true. Now is the time
to raid a vintage closet and bring out those details of past eras like groovy prints in
funky colors, shoulder pads and fanny bags. Whether the pieces are in the spirit of
the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s, you can even mix decades for a modern twist on throwback
style and be relevant now. Here are some recent runway looks to get you inspired.

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Knits For Fall

2019 September 9

Get lost in a sea of cozy knits this fall. Warm, chunky, and extra lux, sweater knits are
the perfect way to slide into a new season with style. In addition to classic pullover
styles, we’ve also seen gorgeous skirts, jackets, and dresses in a range of motifs and
patterns. Choose a separate, or go for a head-to-toe look in the idea for maximum

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Geo Plaids

2019 August 22

Plaid is taking a geo trip with checks, houndstooth, and herringbone patterns going in an extra eye-tricking direction this season. In black and white as well as neutrals, these prints can be mixed and matched for an over-the-top effect, or worn them with solids to bring attention to their uniqueness.

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